Hi All
New to the forum,
I am looking at a company car over next few weeks, and looks like I will be getting the Ford Focus Titanium 1.6 TDI.
I have reviewed the car and it seems a good car - any other views?

The concern I have is this keyless entry, how does it work?

What happens if the battery dies in the handset, is the car then non driveable etc? currently I have a VW Passatt and have a remove with key, so if the battery died in the handset I can override with the key.

I have read you have a key but it still does not start the engine if you closed the car with the handset which is what I would do I assume?

How do you lock the car, is it a push button? dont feel safe just walking away from car leaving it unlocked?

Finally what happens if acidentally catch the button whilst driving, would it turn the engine off?