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Full Version: Ford Focus Titanium 2008 Tdci-Black Smoke On Acceleration 2Nd Gear
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Can anyone help me please

I seem to be getting a cloud of black smoke when I accelrate in 2nd gear sometime 3rd gear. Its not all the time and its not agreat deal, just enough to get me worried.

Ive seen some type of formula in halfords that you mix on afull tank of diesel/ its red in colour

Does that help to clean it and get rid of the smoke

Or is it serious? The car is running fine wioth no problems
The EGR valve may need cleaning. Wynns EGR3 seems to be good for this job.
what kind of mileage do you do and whats your style of driving? do you do the 30 second rule for the turbo when you start and stop? ( i work for Cummins Turbo technologies so know a little about how they work lol )
Lodgy - Can you explain the 30 sec rule ? I have the same model.
The 30 second rule is for oil circulation.

On start up it gives time for oil to bearings before under heavy load. I always start any car/bike and let it warm up.

When stopping let the impeller slowdown/stop before turning off the motor. Turning off the engine strait away will starve the bearings of oil and cause damage.

Thats how I understand the 30 rule its probably totally wrong. :lol:

I had a XN65 and GPz750 turbo's and never had any trouble with them using this rule.

PS. The GPz was a superior bike turbo wise.

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