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Full Version: Dimly Light Brake Light On Dash
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I have had my focus 04 plate from new. After about 18 months i noticed the brake light warning light (bottom right of dash) was glowling extremely dimly. It can only be seen in the dark and lasts for about 5 to 7 days.
I checked the brake pads and disks, nothing wrong. I checked the brake fluid level, right on the max. No signs of any leaks etc. So i took it back to the ford dealer who said they couldn't find nothing wrong, but they did replace the brake fluid reservour cap just incase. The light went out.

But this has happened now on 4 or 5 sepearte occasions, each time the same issue lasting aprox 5 to 7 days. Again there is nothing wrong with any of my brakes or fluids. The only thing that seems to be consistant is that it is raining heavly at the time the light comes on.

Like i said it does'nt glow brightly, you really have to look closely to see that it is lit.

It glows when the engine is running and also on the 2nd click of the key.

Any ideas please.
sounds like you are getting water in a connection somewhere, i had a similiar issue with ABS before.

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