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Full Version: Spare Tyre, Ford Focus Zetec 2009
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I have a 09 ford focus zetec. It came with a full size spare.
I want to replace the full spare with a space saver but have been having difficulty finding one, or finding the right info about it.
I've tried ringing local dealers and tyre companies. The most I have found out is that Ford do not list a space saver for my model. I don't know if that means I should not try and get a 2nd hand space saver from say ebay.
I also wanted to find out about the inflation kits, but again it is not listed for my model, only newer. Does the inflation kit work with standard tyres, or do they need a speial type of tyre? I presume changing the type of tyre would technically count as a modification for insurance purposes?

Also on this issue of the inflation kit, if I was to get breakdown cover with say RAC, or AA, does anyone know what would they do (or charge) if I had a flat, but did not have a spare?

Thanks in advance for any info. I'm stuglling to find out about this of the internet, and when I phone anyone I am getting "computer says no" type answers, and no useful advice as to what I could do.
i'm not sure on the space saver but with inflation kits, i assume you mean the canister that you attach to your tire and fill with a foam like substance?

if so this will work with all tires, or so says the writing on the side of my can. but you cant use it if there is a tear/puncture in the tire wall or a massive hole anywhere else. just empty the can and drive at no more than 30mph.

as with the breakdown im sure your covered, because the likes of hire car companies (europcar) take the spare wheel out now and give you a can of this stuff.

if you want to get a space saver, you will have to make sure the wheel/tire can bear the weight of the car easily, same size diameter as the rest of the tires and that you can bolt the wheel securely to the vehicle. (thats what i would assume anyways)

hope this helps
Hi, I could not let this one go... I have a 2010 model with no spare, and the foam kit. I had a major puncture/flat in summer in the most intense busy schedule ever. What they don't tell you is you can only drive 125 miles max once the foams in. In my case I probably by necessity drove 150 miles, there was an enormous bulge in the tyre wall, and got it to kwikfit in the nick of time, where it literally exploded when they removed it. The stress and worry was tremendous, and I was unsure what to do with the kit, and wanted the problem solved , not just delayed, as i had various flights, drives etc over following few days. The AA said it would take much longer to locate the correct tyre to bring along which obviously needed fitting onto rim, not a simple wheel change.I ended up telling them not to come out,as they'd be hours, and used the foam. If only I'd had a decent old fashioned spare! Oh yes, you can only replace the foam at Fords, cant buy it in Halfords etc. Wouldnt recommend as an alternative to Anyone. Apparently the foam also quickly rots the tyre and is essential to replace straight away even if you don't have a heavy driving schedule.
go to your local breakers and buy a spare wheel from a write off..personally i wouldnt trust a space saver wheel as far as i could throw one.....had one with my 04 focus and replaced it with a matching spare alloy with mint tyre for 42...yes it is higher than the space saver in the boot but peace of mind was more important to me...
just another case of the manufacturers trying to save more of their money at our cost.
and when you get the spare get the matching jack and wheel brace while you are there...only a couple of quid extra.. :D
my alloy was recently cut off, long and short last 3 weeks spent driving on full size spare - couldn't have survived without it - i will now keep a can as well as a spare - in case lightening strikes twice!

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