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Full Version: Cold Start & Gearbox Problem?
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Hi all, thanks for reading in advance!

I recently noticed that when shifting to first, second and third gear, there is a small squeak. The gears does shift smoothly, but there is just that annoying sound when changing gear.Is it any problem that I should have it looked at by the professionals?
Also, recently it have been extremely cold, and when I start my car up, there is a long squeal, then after a while, it stops. Is it anything again that I need to get it checked?

My car have only been recently serviced.

Please help me, I love my Mondeo and dont want anything bad happen to her.


Hi Gobster

squeal in cold weather could just be that ancillary belt slipping(can be cured by sprinkling a little talcum powder on the belt)
however it would be recommended to have your antifreeze level checked. as if the water should freeze it would also cause these problems(better safe than sorry)as the water pump will not turn.
as for the gearbox, may be worth getting the clutch checked to make sure it is disengageing properly.(does the car creep forward when in gear and brakes off)?

Thanks Tom for the reply:

Yes the coolant level is way too low when i checked it last week, should've checked when I bought the car a month ago. Got coolant now from Halfords and problem solved.
And about the gears problem, got it checked at Kwik-fit and they said its fine, maybe i just need to get use to the gearbox.

Something else is worry me now with my car. This morning when i started driving, I heard this really annoying squeal from the left side of the car. Stuck in the traffic jam, the slow start and stop made this squeal heard more clearly. and now when i drove back home, i heard its coming from the left front wheel. whenever i go through a right turn, it squeals like something want to come off or something is scratching. PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP...I really need this car for work and taking kids to school.

Hi gobster

does it appear to be pulling to oneside?
squeeling could just be brakes binding may be worth getting local garage to have a look.


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