as above why you may ask well mine has always worked yet upon checking the car over today i pulled the rubber boot down and there was a ruddy great hole in it yet it still worked however the water escaping had landed on the roof lining of which there was no exterior visual signs and then run down the sides of it and then down into the boot was a simple fix i simply bought a 6mm straight hose connector which is a very tight fit cut the hose fully in two and then trimmed the cut parts just lightly though and with a lot of swearing got the new connecting piece in just to be safe i wrapped some hose repair tape around the connection so it was well covered if you want and can find them use 2 small pipe clips youve got about 2 inches of extra hose to play with pop the roof lining down and unclip the hose from the slot in the plastic holder now the repaired section can be tucked up into the boot hole so its not in the section where the boot closes and bends it