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Full Version: 2007 Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Engine Rattle
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I get a little rattle from my engine when I blip the throttle very lightly, idle out of the drive way or shut the engine down. The sound is like a chain rattle but these are belt driven right? Has 36K on the clock & there are no other performance issues. I just got the car & never really noticed it. It seems like this noise comes just as the revs drop a little below idle & recovers. It doesn't always make the sound when I blip the throttle, will do it once & then stop but say I'm parking the car with just the clutch & no revs as you load the engine a little the noise will come & go. Sounds like a fueling issue but I'm guessing! Any help appreciated.

suspect that this noise is a diesel knock. no fault codes given, wonder if anybody has noticed this with their 1.8TDCi?
I have a metallic vibration that sounds like its coming from deep in dashboard somewhere on my 57 reg 1.8tdci.Sounds like 2 pipes kncking together. Trim warranty only 1 year and now out of the 3 year warranty so I aint paying. Funnily enough cant hear a thing when I ramp up my Linkin Park CD :-)
Seriously would love to find out what the cause us though!
the grinch
Ok hello matey its all good when linkin park are playin full wack or the missus is talkin about loose women as that can go on for hours but in all honesty its time to play trim mechanic!! Its all good learning about your car and how easy they come apart but remember to put nuts n bolts and trim screws in each place they come out of befor you loose them and then everything will go back together no probs, Google dash removal or try youtube as there is allways a video clip to help, But i rekon the first thing to do is take out the glove box as this will give you a good look from underneath and you will be able to see most of the parts and the only obstruction you should have is the heater matrix and the stereo cage but at least you will be able to drive the car and get a passanger to have a listen while you hit speed bumps at 45 zoom zoom---- You will be very surprised at how easy it all comes apart just by clicking it and i am sure in no time you will have your own shop fixing ford dash faults and getting rid of noises, One more thing to take in account if it does it at a certain rev count then hold it and have a mate look around under the bonnet as engines cause vibration and it could be coming from another point but watch your fingers and dont get burned!!!All the best and take care matey. bobby :)
Hello, I should have mentioned no engine management light comes on instead of no fault code logged. Had a diagnostic check done on it today & the engine temp sensor has a fault, forgot the code number, just glad something was found rather than being told it's normal for a diesel to make this noise. I was followed to the garage & she smokes a bit, if you rev it up a bit you'll notice the smoke but not in the rear view mirror while you driving. will see if the temp sensor is causing the diesel knock, fingers crossed. The noise is only on initial acceleration when the revs are real low, close to tick over. It's very easy to think it's normal but let the car idle up an incline & you'll notice the "knock" sound!
After driving this car for almost a year it seems this noise I was hearing is very common on Ford diesels. I live on a busy main road and I can pick a TDCi Ford out any day of the week! That light smoke hase disappeared after the temp sensor was fitted. A bit silly that you don't get a light on the dash for a faulty water temp sensor!
Have started running Shell V-Power and the noise has almost disappeared, guess it's just a diesel noise, engine is so much smoother and a noticeable power difference. Doesn't sound like a sewing machine!

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