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Full Version: Turbo Diesel Whine
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Spooky Spider
Hello to all,
I have a 56 plate 1.4 TDCI and it has just started whining every time I depress the clutch at low speeds but obviously as speed builds it can't be heard. Is this turbo wear or something more serious? Any advice, greatly appreciated
That's a tricky one to answer. If the noise is only there when you depress the clutch then it may be gearbox noise. Once the clutch is in, the engine stops driving the gearbox and the wheels cause the gearbox to turn using the "back" side of the tooth, called "over run". In some gearboxes this can be quite noisy. It could also be a clutch bearing. It's difficult to tell unless you are there. I'd try looking for the noise with the clutch in and out, at low revs when the turbo isn't working hard or at high revs when the turbo is working hard. Do you get the noise when you are staionary, say at the lights with the clutch in ?
Hi spooky

i had a whinning noise on my fusion for a while and mine turned out to be the Cambelt and tensioners. might be wroth taking the alternater belt off and spinning the engine over to see if the noise is still there also just incase.

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