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Full Version: Focus Rear Brake Piston Rewind
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Hi all,
I'm stuck trying to wind back the slave pistons (see pics) on my focus on the rears. I had no trouble with the fronts using the laser rewind tool (see pic) but the rears don't wanna have it. Any tips? Do they need to be screwed back? The fronts went straight back alright...
Thanks, Joe
Hello there, have you tried opening the bleed valve on the caliper? this would relieve some pressure allowing the piston to wind back. Be sure to keep the brake fluid topped up.
Hi yeah I did try that but it still wouldn't go..
The piston has a sort of cross on it, is there supposed to be a tool that it engages with?
Is there a nrv in the system for the backs? on the fronts as I drove the piston back the level in the reservoir rose. Cheers
The tool you have should mate up with the cross section on the piston. If it's flat it won't work. I think it winds back clockwise.
The pins on the tool should locate in the crossed slot in the piston to rotate it. If it won't rotate a possible reason is that it's corroded in which can be caused by old brake fluid that has absorbed a lot of moisture or by water getting in through a damaged piston seal.

There isn't a non-return valve in the line - the brakes wouldn't release if there was.

i have focus 1.8 2001 hatch with rear pads, and I need to change the pads and I also need to buy the rewind tool, but do they rewind clockwise or anticlock, any help would be greatfull


I think the piston is a clockwise rewind. I had the same problem with a Mazda, in that the piston would not rewind. So I had to open the bleed valve a little bit as I rewound the piston


I am trying to find out if the rear calipors rewind clock wise or anti clock, as some of the rewind tools say right handed and left handed, so not sure


They're all right hand wind to retract.

On a mk1 you have to be pushing them inward at the same time as winding them.


Thank you tommy, for your valuable input, I can now go and buy one, many thanks

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