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Full Version: Windscreen Wipers - Fuse
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hello anyone reading.
I have had a Fiesta Titanium now for about 16 months. For the second time now, the water bottle for the windscreens has stopped squirting. I took it to the garage last time and they said i had blown a fuse. This is due to the wipers being on automatic... i NEVER change them, and them blowing the fuse when there is ice on the windscreen?? Anyhow they changed it last time. I do not want to go to the garage again, and yes it has happened AGAIN. However i do not have a manual. I think we lost it when we were on the M6 and i had heart failure as the car announced the key fob battery was dying!! I have a keyless ignition!! Anyhow i think the manual is somewhere around Preston. I stress the heart failure was somewhat due to me being enroute to the airpost and terrified i was going to slow to a stop in the fast lane and miss my flight!! So today, i took the fuse board cover off, and can see NOTHING to do with water. No picture, no suggestion of windscreen..... Can anyone help?? PLEASE, cos i do NOT Want to pay the garage again! Cheers and thanks.
Hi Justjax

not to sure diagram i have is 2007 and gives 4 fuses they are
F6 - 40AMP
F38 - 7.5 AMP
F46 - 20 AMP
F47 - 10 AMP



maybe likely to be f46
thanks Tommy.h
I will have a look at F46 later. Bonnet now covered in snow and it not going anywhere. Appreciate the suggestion.
mark t
Have a look in the handbook, it's a 10 amp on t bottom row, just done mine!

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