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Full Version: 2.0 Tdci Limp Mode
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My 53 plate 130bhp has started cutting out under load once heated up.
Got it into my local garage who repaced the Air Flow Sensor as it was reading 85deg
in the workshops when it was a cold day of nearer 15deg inside the workshop.

It lasted for a couple of days then it cut out again, he suggested the air filter
replacement might sort it out. Got that and not really any different.
Took the plastic engine cover off and discovered some fuel on top of the engine,
when back to garage, he busy, so got the AA out that night for a diagnostic.

He got codes 0251 and 1211 I think, he also saw the fuel and tightened up
the fuel pipe nuts where it was damp, still never fixed it.

I got and replaced the damp pipe the next day, still not any better,
also stuck some injector cleaner in the fuel tank and filled it up,
still not better.

Obviously the codes were saying a fuel pressure problem, should I take a
look at the rubber hoses that connect to the injector, are they expensive?

What about the fuel pump sensor and fuel filter what price are they?

I only get this problem over 2000rpm and when under more load like going
going uphill, there are a number of hills surrounding where I live too.
Hi wee

is the glow plug light flashing?

fault code 1211 is there because code 0251 has been in the system for a required time, your on the right track with the fuel filter and sensor and would be the things to check, also look for air ingress into the fuel system.

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