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Full Version: Modeo Cooling Fan Operation & P0125 & P1432
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Hi all, mondeo 2.0 Duratec HE 51 plate, having a few problems,start her up and she warms up reasonably according to the temp guage, as soon as i turn on the heater and set temp (electronic control panel), the rad fan starts to spin. So no heat in the car, all the space of about 5mins if that.

So start the car, run for 2-3 ins, turn on the blower and the fan kicks in, the hoses are cold.

I plugged my scanner in and pulled codes :

[color="#FF0000"]P0125: insufficient coolant temp for closed loop fuel control[/color]
pos causes: temp switch,wiring,ecu & faulty stat

[color="#FF0000"]P1432: thermostat heater control circuit[/color]
pos causes: wiring,engine thermostat heater.

So does any one have any idea's or views, im looking at changing the temp switch 1st,which i believe, bonnet up from the front, is in the housing under the coilpack on the n/s of the head on the rear face,a 2 wire grey connector.

Look forwards to your views folks,cheers andy
Hi Andy

you sure that there is anti-freeze in the system?
sounds very much like it has frozen.

Good morning, system not frozen,antifreeze present

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