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Full Version: Freezing Woes!
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Hi Guys,

I was driving down the M20 this morning, and all of a sudden I lost power, no reason, no warning lights, just a loss of power, I put my foot down and had no response, I just seemed to roll at this point the engine was alive. I slowed down too much and probably just stalled, I glided over to the hard shoulder.

Then at leaving the motorway and rolling down to a roundabout, I then made the mistake of trying to go above 2000 revs to move off, at about 2500, the power just died again. I pulled over, I then just restarted, and moved off slowly. low and behold it started moving again, without issue.

The car has been fine before the really heavy snowfall / -4.5 degrees I am hoping its just that he is cold, rather than something expensive like an idle speed sensor etc...

Please help, as I have to brave the motorway again at 20:00 and am hoping not to get stranded...?


The Grill is clear, the car can easily rev above 3000 without loss of power, and there are no DTC codes in the trip computers memory. to me (I am bl**dy hoping this!) that it just seems to be when the wheels get clogged with slush that the engine looses power, possibly it gets a warning signal and just goes to sleep...


It was 5 degrees today, so I don't think its the weather. It seems to be if I get up between 1800 - 2300 revs that the engine just cuts out. I have noticed that shortly before it cuts out, I get this sudden drop in power, almost like the turbo has tripped over and started working again. The more annoying thing, is the car is in gear, the engine cuts out, and normally I would expect that if the car is still in gear moving quick that it would have jump started the car, but that didn't happen. It does however restart if I knock the car to Ignition 0 then back to position 3.

I have been driving it around below 2000 revs, and it seems fine below that, but its not filling me with much confidence in it...

I am beginning to think this is sensor related, but don't want to pay £50 diagnostics fee, as I really don't have the money. I have just had a little boy, so if anyone can offer anything that will save money it would be appreciated!
Finally an answer!

After getting stranded and fed up, eventually I sucked it up and went to ford. After wacking my poor motor onto the PC, it came back with DTC P1180 - Trouble in the fuel system! After they took a deeper look, it looks like the fuel filter housing was damaged, and their was air getting into the fuel lines.... apparently Fuel powered combustion engines dont like to burn air, and as a result, thats why it kept cutting out! One new Fuel Filter Assembly later, and my car is back to the epitimy of health!

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