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Full Version: Oops.... I Think I Broke It!!
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And the story goes.....

Not long after buying the car, we all took a family trip to knowsley safari park.

Thinking it would be a great idea at the time, we went through the monkey enclosure.....bad idea!

The little "insert word here"`s snapped my rear licence plate. The only plus side was it must have hurt itself as there was a little blood on it.

Anyway, when trying to undo the old one, the tapped part that the screw plugs into decided to leave its mountings and spin freely. And to make matters worse, when i got my hand round the back and held it with plyers, the screws head twisted clean off!

So now my new plate is only being held on by one screw.

My question is, what do i replace? Is this one of those silly little things that involves changing the whole boot lid, or can you just replace those little tapped bits?

Advice please!!

Thaanks :)
I used self sticky tabs and silicone on my new reg plate a few weeks ago. It's still held on strong. A small drill bit on the drill would be the way to go to remove the old screw. Then you should be able to use a self tapper, maybe it will bite down into the existing screw if you don't remove it all. :)
As said you could use the extra-strength sticky fixers available from motor discount stores. Alternatively you could get the insert replaced with a new clinchnut. They are simple to install with a handtool and probably any small engineering company would do it quite cheaply. A third alternative would be to replace it with a small cavity fixing.
could you drill the old screw out and then use a numberplate nut& bolt?
Thanks for the replies.

Looking on the answers, seems simple enough.

I never seem to think of the simple answers, i`m always looking at complicated ways round problems! lol

Thanks to all who replied.
Just use sticky pads for the number plate. 3 on it should hold it for a while. Ive used sticky pads on my old car and they have held for 2 years.

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