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Full Version: Starting In The Cold!
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I am having issues starting my diesel ford galaxy in the cold. Battery checked - OK. New glow plugs. 2 times this week it has not started. When I have then charged the
battery it has started. My garage have told me that the starter motor sounds sluggish....where do I go from here?
-If I use the battery charger and get the car started it will then be fine for the day - it is only when I perhaps use the car for 2 school trips (32 miles) Back at 4pm then go to use the
car at 8am after a really cold night then I will have problems. I do not want to pay out for a new starter motor if it is not that or perhaps the starter motor just needs a clean?
Any ideas???

Many thx
The battery is broken. If engine starts after charging the battery so it doesn´t seem to be problem with starter. How the battery has tested ? I have -09 Galaxy and third battery already going.
was the alternator checked along with the battery ?
too big wheels
Hi, got 1.8TDCi S-max with similar drained battery problem, garage believes it's the bluetooth not turning off.

Symptoms were trip computer re-setting when starting car in winter and taking a relatively long time from turning on ignition to engine actually starting. Happened last winter & this - batteyy, alternator checked etc - no faults after Ford diagnosis.

Garage disconnected bluetooth unit 2 days ago and problem looks to have maybe gone away - or at least reduced. Though 8 mile school drop-off in freezing temps with heated windows & heated seats on last week may have also helped drain battery. No problem in summer as not many heated extras turned on.

Back to garage on Tues next week to get warranty fix.

Hope this may help
Hi All

sounds a bit corny i know but once had a car and the battery used to freeze.
car would not start in the morning. but once the sun came up and everything warmed up, car started first time.
prob worth checking battery first thing in the morning.

Quote:- if it ain't the obvious. check the least likely.


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