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Full Version: Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Starts First Time
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The Story so far have replaced egr valve hose cleaned egr replaced fuel filter cleaned maf sensor fited new cam sensor and front exhaust car was running fine only smokeing before this was done hence egr hose Now it starts first time and allways has but suddenly i start from cold let glow plug ligth go off i start engine 10-20 seconds after start up bloody glow plug ligth flashes drive in limp mode for 2 miles stop re start glow plug ligth gos out and full power drive 20 miles engine warm stop return after 20 mins re start blloody plug ligth drive a couple of miles stop restart and fine
Hve noticed when engine hot and idle temp gauge drops after 5 mins leave for ten turn off re start glow plug ligth flashes also keeps uncodeing radio Drives like a train on a run ?
My thougths are replace egr valve and maf sensor and pos temp sensor . before anyone says it its not injectors or glow plugs

the most confuseing aspect is why it keeps droping radio code or are the above syptoms linked to a bad or dyeing batery knew i should have gone audi a 6
intermitant problems can be a real pain to cure, with the light flashing there should be a fault code stored, it would be best to get these read before throwing money at it changing this and that hoping to cure it.
Hi mintalkin

if possible would also get fuel pressure checked as could also be faulty fuel pump.

eem in the norm with a faulty fuel pump it would cut out be a sod to start on occasion and would idle ruff in this case it starts and idles well
example this eve drove 20 miles stoped at my unit for 15 mins came out started glow plug ligth started to flash drove half a mile stped restarted all ok drove 10 miles to supermarket left it for 10 min s came back restarted glow plug ligth flashing drove half a mile stoped restared all ok seems more to do with engine temp sensor or outside temp sensor as soon as it drops a bit glow plug ligth flashes i do think also possible cause is egr valve sticking at times due to the occasional plume of black smoke if i lumber in 5th at a stupid 35-40 mph . the ecus on these are far to sensative even with fault code readings it either gives one or does not or from the thousands of posts i have read via google it makes no differance haveing things reset i am a computer bod and say this is a software/firmware issue that fords did not want to spend money on by rewriteing the hole damm thing these cars\ should have been recalled years ago but same old same old because they are who they are have got away with it
I also drive a shogun sport warrior 2.5 td bougth it in 2005 on a 54 plate with 18500 on clock and it as never let me down passed every mot since i have spent 400.00 set of tyres 8.00 oil filter about 60.00 on oil 118.00 on a set of break pads all round and 25.00 on alt belt pwr steering and air con belt + a battery @80.00 total 691.00 + the cost of its mots she has now done well over 110.000 since i have had the mondeo i have already spent 250.00 in 3 months and 3000 miles but i wont be beeten will burn it first lol

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