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Full Version: Over Revved Caused Battery Light To Come On
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I was stuck in snow and over revved then battery light came on.

I went to my destination. Drove away 30 mins later.

Was driving for 10 mins with battery light still on, I parked with engine still running for 10 mins then went to reverse, ABS light came on, car said steering fault and it cut out.

I tried to start car and it wouldnt start all lights went out except alarm light.

I sat for ten mins, tried again, engine started, ABS light came on and I had lost power steering.

I managed to get home without power steering. When got home, turned engine off and tried restarting and it did the same as before.

Can anyone help?
Car batteries don't do well in cold weather so I would at least get it tested. A motor factors etc should be able to test the output. If the battery is ok, then maybe check the coil pack. Ideally drop it into a mechanic to check her over .
This sounds alternator / aux belt or tensioner related to me, as their is no power going to the Power Steering.

The reason for suggesting the coil pack is because I had a similar experience. Loss of P/S and power with the EML illuminated. If your handy with a multimeter you could test the output across the terminals yourself. Saving time and cash. :)
On a diesel ?
not sure about fords but certainly other makes, the electric power steering will not work unless the alternator is charging. that might help you find the problem. as above, alternator, belt or tensioner possibly.
Our Focus's have the slighter older power assisted steering and not electric power steering ;)


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