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Full Version: Afew Electrical Gremlins.....
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hey all, i bought my puma 3 days ago, and i've since realised that i don't get any abs/traction control lights up when i initially turn on the car, checked the fuse and it seems to be ok, so i was wondering if the abs could have been unplugged, and where would i locate this? or is it more likely that someone has just removed the bulb? also the electric fan never kicks in like my last puma did, any ideas where it gets the signal to turn on from??

thanks in advance fot your help,

Check the bulb 1st even if the abs was disconnected the light would be on constant.
Is it the interior fan thats not working? Its common for the resistor pack to die, usualy find that it only works on full power.
If its the rad fan it might just not be getting hot enough in this cold weather for it to need to kick in. after that youd need to check fuse temp switch and fan motor.
Hi Miniman

have a look at attached.
it does seem that H29 & H99 are both connected through the same fuse.


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