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Full Version: Car Storage
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Goodday everyone,

I have searched through the forums but haven't come across this. I have a Ford Focus 07 Zetec Climate that is parked in an off street open parking space. I have to go away for five weeks, so it won't be driven for a while. I was wondering if someone can provide some advice on how to store the vehicle properly for this duration of time. With the cold weather, I am a bit worried about the battery. The options that I have been thinking of are,

1) Leave it as it is and hope that it starts on my return

2) Ask someone to start the engine for 10mins once a week

3) Attach some sort of in car battery maintainer (any suggestions?)

4) Remove the battery and attach it to a in-house battery maintainer, charger etc. (again any suggestions)

And is there anything else that I should take care of? Tyres, hand brake, oils, wipers? I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions.
Hello , I would suggest that your best option is to get some one to start up and move the car once a week. This would ensure that the engine is being turned over and that the tyres and brakes are being released and moved. If the car is not moved then it is possible for the brakes to freeze on and the tyres to develop a flat spot.If you had secure undercover parking then i would also have suggested putting the car onto 4 axle stands and releasing the brakes altogether as this would eliminate the problems mentioned above. Do you know anyone with a garage you could borrow/rent for the time you are away?
Hope this helps,

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