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Full Version: Alarm Problem!!
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Right. Simply, the alarm on my 2001 mk3 estate keeps setting itself off.
- Tried taking out both the horn fuses but then found out (the hard way via the neighbours disgusted tutting) that the alarm has its own horn
- Tried locking manually with the key in the door lock
- Tried disconnecting the bonnet alarm switch cable
I have now resorted to disconnecting the battery every night after locking it up but ideally I really would like to not have to do this every morning and night, the gimmick has worn off and its getting a bit boring now!!

Any help would be appreciated as its getting a bit embarrassing now. Not the fact that the neighbours are being woken up a lot, bollo*ks to them, its just that its a really patheticly weedy sounding alarm and its embarrassing being seen turning it off!!!! :unsure:


just a thought but i had a vauxhall which did this.
turned out to be a backup battery for the alarm system(so it cannot just be ripped out & smashed)
may be worth checking with ford if their system has this back-up.

i was reading a thread before and they claim the bonnet sensors are iffy.
See other thread as well, could be water ingress into the alarm sensor.

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