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Full Version: Why European Drivers Like Manual Transmission
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I just want to have answer for my focus' community here in Thailand.
We wonder why most of car in European countries are manual transmission. Why don't you like "auto" ?.

80-90 % of Thai drivers use auto transmission car as we have a lot of traffic jam here in Bangkok.

Can anyone advise ?, thanks.
Well I prefer manual as I have better control over the engines power and acceleration.
same as above for me, i also like the feeling of being incharge of my car and can feel the power...this is more important in current times with all the bad weather (snow), to me anyways....
I think manual its better as you have control over revs needed for over taking, much needed on a 1.4 ha. We get our fair share of traffic jams but not as bad as Thailand.
personally autos are unreliable boxes and easy to break other than that i want to control the engines power and rpm autos just dont allow you to do that ive always wondered why americans etc insist on autos to be honest ive driven a few and hated it
It also gives you something to do with your left foot
as others have said, i prefer the control you have over a manual. @artscot, i always wondered why americans always drive auto's, i think its because their roads are larger and alot straigter than uk roads
Could also have something to do with the fact that our petrol is probably the most expensive in the world............and auto transmissions gobble up the fuel.
All of the above for me! I just prefer to have every ounce of control over the car!

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