Hello all,

I'm currently driving about in a 51 plate mondeo TDDi and what puzzles me, is that I am only getting about 30 mpg! I'm sure that this figure isn't right, as I always seem to be at the garage fueling up!
I thought diesels are meant to be more fuel efficient? I did have it in at a garage not too long ago to have the power steering pump replaced and the mechanic who did it, took it home (to check pump for leaks) and his words to me the next day where "There aint much go in this is there? I had to make an appoitment just to overtake someone!!" :P

I have always thought that the car is abit flat, just doesnt seem to have any power at all for a turbo diesel and what I'v been led to believe that the problem for the lack of power and excessive fuel consumption could be the EGR valve. The same mechanic mentioned earlier did hook the car up to a scanner and it did mention that there may be a problem with the EGR valve.

What I'm asking then really, is the problem likely to be this valve and how easliy are they to remove? I'v seen one on ebay for 20 and I have been looking about on the net regarding this issue and there are plenty of pages regarding this valve, on the TDCi, but I cannot find any advice about it regarding the TDDi!!

Any help on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated as it seems to be costing me a small fortune in diesel these days, and its embarrassing trying to overtake boy racers in mk1 vauxhall corsa's :D

Cheers all, Gareth