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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci- Juddering & Black Smoke
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My car began developing this fault around 2 weeks ago but it has steadily got worse. Car is fine around town i.e 30-40mph low revs. On acceleration there is reduced power and lots (i mean loads!!) of black smoke from the exsaust, crusing at A road/ motorway speed (1800-2200rpm) the car judders as if the revs are surging and again any accelerationg produces black smoke but the juddering does stop.

Finally decided I had to do something about it, so had a quick google search found a few common problems. Straight away I found that the intercooler hose had a 1" split in it. So as I was going to have to take the undertray off and get the car on axle stands I deicded a quick service would be a good plan. I also read that sometimes an old fuel filter could cause similar problems. So I replaced the hose, changed the oil and filter, air filter and fuel filter. As I had the hose off I decided to give the EGR a quick clean. It wasn't as bad as some photos I had seen so I assumed that the EGR itself wasn't clogged and as I couldn't test it I have assumed it is all working correctly (Could it be a faulty EGR?). Put everything back together. Got the car running. Rev'd it up and still loads of black smoke from about 2200 rpm upwards.

For me next thing to check/clean is going to be the MAF but does that sound like it could be causeing all my problems? I am assuming I am not unlucky enough to have a 2nd split in any of the other hoses, dose seem a bit unlikly to me but no impossible.

Any other ideas where I should look next?

Cheers Ed.
Hi Mr-ed

what year is it?

Its a 2004 '54' Zetec- S 130 6-speed. 60K.
Hi Mr-ed

does this ring any bells.

Yeah I have had the EGR off but it wasn't too bad I did give it a clean anyway. The problem I'm having is as I go through eliminating things I'm told it couldn't have been that by other people, so far the list of possibles:

EGR (cleaned but not tested) I also assumed my car was new enough to have the modified EGR.
Intercool pipe (replaced)
Fuel Filter (changed)
MAF (cleaned)
Fuel Pump
Injectors (I did think if the injectors where the issue I would get a miss, but it runs fine just ideling)

I think to be fair I'm at my limit of what I can work out. I still have some warrenty on the car so it seems time maybe to give up and send it to garage.
did you get to the bottom of what it was,as i have posted that i bought a mondeo,with what was supposed to be a us turbo,my mate turned off the fault but never got the code as his tool wouldnt tell him.
but i am having exactly what you are stating.
just a quick update to both this posting my own posting and anyone who is having the same problems.
CHECK the Hose from the intercooler to the EGR,
as mine had a split in it,once i had replaced this at a cost of 50.00, The car is running perfectly..

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