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Full Version: Radio Fascia Removal Mondeo Mk4
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Hi, i have followed the instructions in the following link

and removed all 6 screws but my fascia panel doesn't come off ?? my car has sat nav..

What am i doing wrong...

Hi there UKHeman,

Thats my website :)

Anyway, if you have removed all the screws stated on my guide, the rest of the fasica is held in with pop clips, if you run your trim tool around the fascia it should pop off, as there are no more screws holding it in... then once the fascia is off, you'll see 4 screws holding your sat-nav unit in place.

Just to confirm, you have taken off the two bolts screws just above the cubby hole?
yes i have taken off 2 screws at the side of the ashtray then i've popped off the 2 blanking plates either side of my sat nav and taken out 2 screws on either side.. so thats 6 screws in total...

the plate seems very tight... so i thought the sat nav may need removing as the holes are visable at the top for audio removal keys but not tried

as of yet....

at the bottom near the ashtray it feels the tightest

what am i doing wrong here... 57 Plate Mondeo
have you got a REVERSE picture of the fascia so i can see where the pressure points are.. as i dont want to snap mine.. its the alu brushed type...

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the back side of the unit.... I did a satnav mondeo the other month, but cannot remember off the top of my head any additional screws (I do 50+ cars a month)... I might have another one in over the next few days, I'll get a picture for you if I do.
thats would be nice... merry xmas to everyone on here...

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