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Full Version: Dtc Code 9317?
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Hello again, this is an update to thread "light on dashboard"

I was driving through a village yesterday morning on way to work and all of a sudden the dials went mad, they went to max (temp,fuel,speed,revs).
Then within 10seconds they went to zero. All happened suddenly without warning, while this was happening I also heard a buzzing noise like a radio not tuned properly. Also I got a beeping noise the same one as if lights been left on. All of this was happening while i was driving along, the dials would go back to normal, but not for long. If car stationery and running you can see headlights dull slightly for a second, and then keep doing it. It felt fine to drive, to be honest apart from noises I couldn tell anything was wrong.

I ran the self diagnostics and I got these, DTC 9317 and also E004 and r 20.

E004 is throttle position sensor, and I think r 20 is a bulb.

I googled them all, I cant find anything for DTC 9317.

Does anyone know what this means?

As always any help and or guidance all gratefully appreciated.

Regards TicTac
well if its an update to an existing thread, why on earth have you started another thread ? :rolleyes:
[quote name='catch' timestamp='1292689431' post='107108']
well if its an update to an existing thread, why on earth have you started another thread ? :rolleyes:

where didi you get youre information from r22 Displays hexadecimal value for ROM level nowt to do with bulbs e001-4 Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level which is used by ford technical when phoning fault codes are dtc codes 9317 Battery voltage high (greater than 16V youre alternator is knackered and over charging the battery
The dials fluctuating could mean the vehicle speed sensor needs replacing. It's a very common problem but not always the only cause of this. The CHT (cylinder head temp sensor) cable can interfere with the spark plugs cables (ht cables) and effect voltages is not separated from them.
Thanks for your response

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