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Full Version: Window Went Down On ItíS Own, Now Wont Go Back Up.
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Ford Focus 2005
Window went down on itís own, now wont go back up.

Car was showing minus 10 all the way to work, itís my otherhalfs Ford Focus 2005.
Made it to work ok... car was cleared from snow etc and windows were working fine.

Got to work + our carparks a mess so I put the drivers window down half way to hear if i was losing traction, it went down fine
Then on its own it put itself all the way down, glass didnít fall off the runners it was like the motor was working and put the window down itself.

Now the window wont go up and you canít hear the motor doing anything, passenger side works fine, both work off the same fuse.
Car has now been moved to our inside workshop in that hope that when the car warms up itíll free itself

If not then I donít know... I could take the door card off and try to manually put the window up? Or could use clingfilm shrinkwrap stuff to secure it!
Complete nightmare as I had lots to do tonight
It might be worth spraying the window motor with some wd40 or contact cleaner, maybe it's frozen. Worse case is it's burnt out and needs to be replaced.

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