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Full Version: Xr3I 1.6 Mfi Removal
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1987 xr3i cab
hi all,
got a white xr3i cabby did try uploading a picture but it said file was to large ?? basicly im fitting a new engine have done a rebuild on the new one ready to fit, what do i do leave the gearbox in or take it out with the old engine and tips would be greatfull
Jon Steane
Hi, I would recommend removing the old engine and gearbox as 1 unit, assuming you can lift them together it will save a lot of time in the long run.
If you've gone to all the trouble of an engine rebuild you would be advised to fit a new clutch and thrust bearing at this point, or at least check the old ones to ensure they are OK, as well as checking the condition of the fly wheel. Removiung the gearbox with the engine (and refitting likewise) will allow you to do all the work out of the car, making alignment easier (with the gearbox in the car it may prove extremely difficult to make all the final alignments).

Good luck
As above, take it out as one unit, plenty of room to do so
1987 xr3i cab
thanks mate just waiting for the snow to piss off so i can jack up the car and start removing the engine !! proplem i have got is im gana try and lower it on the jack as i have no engine hoist.
1987 xr3i cab
any tips on removing guys ??
Get the front up as high as possible so you have enough room to pull the block out. Put something across the wings and support the top of the engine so when you lower the engine you can regulate the speed.
Remove the bonnet too as that will help with room.
When you disconnect something, label it, all wires, pipes etc as nothing worse than not knowing where something goes.
1987 xr3i cab
cheers mate will give it a go when this snow pee off lol , yer i saved her from someone front garden had been stuck there for 6 years, pick her up for 200 quid , got new engine for 150 had new pistons init looked more flat and had a kent cam, just wana fit it and hear her started

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