hello, hello!

Any help would be much appreciated!

So, here's what happened, its very cold as we all know, just travelled 25 motorway miles and windscreen pretty filthy. So... Pressed screenwach button on stalk (for quite sometime) obviously its frozen up, however I thought it wouldve defrosted after being running 30 mins or so... Anyways cut along story too short, both front and rear wipers refuse to work. Front hasnt even returned to 'base'.

Got back in and checked in the owners guide, which simply states 'Do not operate the washer for more than 10 seconds at a time' Which is probable about how long I did! But thats it no other help.

I have checked the fuses which are all fine, none blown.

Oh, I should point out its a Mondeo 2000Mk2 2.0 Estate

Please, any advice at all would be muchly appreciated. Thanks