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Full Version: Part Of Dial Not Lighting Up
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Please see the picture, The section highlighted that displays the mileages etc doesn't light up anymore, It does show the relevant information and is clearly visible in daylight, But the green "glow" the surrounds the rest of the dash doesn't occur here. Ive checked that the connection into the rear of the unit is secure. My question is is there simply a bulb that unscrews etc from the rear? I remember removing a small bulb for the "tailgate open" warning light but can't remember if its the same for this section of the unit.

Any help appreciated as usual.
It's a screw in bulb. I've never had to remove it 'touch wood'. On the mk1.5 it's an smd and would require soldiering.
Cheers mate, Found its whereabouts this morning, Seems simple enough. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement bulb from or does it have to be Ford?
Here is the 'how to' guide on removing the old bulb: I don't know the name of the bulb, but call into ford an they will will sort it.
if i am looking at that correctly you could "upgrade" those bulbs to LEDs called 509/t or 509 twists.

upgrading these will stop "burnout" over time and save you the hassle, if all changed at same time, of removing the cluster to replace them.

if they need to be green bulbs.

or if they are white:

also with those you wont get "hotspots" as the top is flattened out so it spreads the light

just a thought i'd share with everyone.
Sorted this today. Got the bulb in its little grey socket for 2.40 from FORD. Took 10 minutes to replace and the links above were really helpful.

Thanks to all who helped.

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