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Hey peeps,

I have just bought a 2001 Mondeo Ghia (dirt cheap!) with a couple of problems that I'm not too sure about and I was wondering if anyone can help me out?

I was told that the head gasket is on the way out on it, but after driving it, it's not displaying the usual symptoms (i.e. difficulty to start and white smoke) but used all it's coolant and was on it's way to overheating. I had to stop and fill with 3 litres of fluid, all of which went within 5 miles! There was a lot of steam coming from the back of the engine which makes me wonder if a pipe has split?? I'm confused as I really don't think it's HGF.

Also a couple of other minor problems - the driver's door doesn't unlock on the remote but all the other doors do, and the car has to be locked using the key in the door. Is this a knackered door lock module? And the backlight for the milecounter has blown so I can't see the mileage at night. Is that a simple bulb swap?

Finally before I get on most people's nerves, is there any way I can find out where and when it was serviced as I don't have a service history book :-(

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!
Have you checked the oil?
Another symptom of a HG is the "mayonaise" in the oil.

Just an outside chance.

Steam out the back would indicate that water is getting into the engine and being blown out. I am not sure a split pipe would display the same symptoms. It would steam but it would be from the engine bay.
I checked the oil and it's fine, with no mayonnaise in sight.

I meant from the back of the engine bay, i.e. bulkhead area was the steaming. I started it this morning with no coolant in and it fired on the first turn of the key, and on four cylinders too. I did hear there was a coolant pipe that runs along the back of the engine somewhere which is prone to failing?
On further investigation it appears that maybe the waterpump has stopped working, is this an easy fix?

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