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Full Version: Help And Advice Wanted 1St Time Ford Owner
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Steve Focus
hi, Im a 1st time ford owner having not long bought a 2.0 tdci focus 2006 with 46k miles. After owning the car for a WEEK all 4 injectors were replaced by the dealer because of a rough idle and hunting problem on start up. Car has been fine since but i read that this is a common problem which re occurs every 40 or 50k and costs over a 1000 to fix! is this true? are injector problems on this engine that common? any help and advice appreciated thnks.
i think you may have been told a little lie there mate. check to see if its ok to use RED-EX fuel additive and that will clean the injector systems :) i do this monthly. however check because in my fathers seat cordoba 1.9TDI he was told if he used injection cleaner additive the engine would recognise that the fuel was not all diesel so it would cut out as if it had been filled with petrol.
hope that was helpful, and if anyone disagree's with what i just said, then please post it, as im a pretty big novice if im honest. haha :ph34r:
Steve Focus
The cars fine since the injectors were changed, im just worried that i could have to do the same in another 40 or 50k miles and foot the bill myself this time :( . I read allot of bad review's about these injector problems. Ive looked into redex too and the general feeling seems to be stay well clear. The delphi injectors really dont like it from what i read. Im just getting the feeling all you have to do is look at them wrong and there going to pack in. Thanks though. Any experience with the 2.0 tdci injector problems would be appreciated. Does anyone have any background info on this? cheers

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