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Full Version: Changing Engine Coolant
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Hi Guys,

Wanting to change the engine coolant, this will be a first so all advise is appreciated!

I believe I have to:

[*]Jack the car up
[*]Remove the bottom "pan"
[*]Turn the "Nylon" plug and drain the radiator
[*]Add In New Coolant

Now I have read a few things and want to clarify them if possible:

1) Where is the plug and is it easily visible from below?
2)Can the Nylon Plug fall apart, and will I need to replace it?
3)Do I need to flush the system out with anything in particular, and then Do I need to flush it with the coolant before filling it?
4)Is there a technique to follow? (I have read about filling almost to the top, turning the blower on to full heat, speed 2) and then gradually topping it up?)
5) What is the particular coolant required?

This is one of the easier jobs to do. There are some clips on youtube but this is one of the better ones. It's a US focus so drain plug will be on the other side. It isn't a complete tutorial but it will explain what you need to do.
H3lly, did you perhaps mean to put in a link?
Here is a link from for this 'how to':
Thanks again H3lly, didnt see the videos attached through my works system, so thank you for that :)

It seems that the focus uses 6 litres of coolant, just want to make sure as I can go to halfords and purchase either [url=""]Halfords 5 litres[/url], but as Ford advised the temperature should be down to -37, does anyone know if flushing through all 7.3 litres with the halfords above, will be as good as, or more poor than, forking out for the Motorcroft SuperPlus Antifreeze?

Dont really want to flush out good, to put in lesser quality

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