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Full Version: Changing Rear Brake Shoes
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Hi Guys,

I have just been looking around at the breaks, the pads need changing, will have to try that later, but other than that, I would suspect the shoes also need changing as well!

1) does anyone have a step by step with pictures, for simple people like me to understand?
2) what mileage should the shoes be replaced at?
3) should I tighten the handbreak whilst the shoes are being done?
4) should I change the break fluid as well (never done that on my own either) and what interval should they be changed at?

Going to go and take a look at ford etis, and see if I can answer 2 and 4 myself, but just in case I dont find it....
OK so break fluid is every 2 years, but I have not seen anything on the shoes!!! the car is a 55 plate., with 64500 on the clock - can anyone indicate when the shoes should be changed?
The shoes on a 5 year old car wouldn't get too much wear as they are made from steel. They have a friction surface that comes in contact with the drum. If you have excess handbrake travel then an adjustment can be made at the handbrake. If there is any noise like squealing some copper grease can be added to eliminate it. A mechanic could inspect the shoes for wear and make any necessary adjustments. This could save hours of frustration, I'm not been funny but if your a novice and haven't attempted anything like this before than I would leave it to a professional. Hope this helps.
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OK so break fluid is every 2 years, but I have not seen anything on the shoes!!! the car is a 55 plate., with 64500 on the clock - can anyone indicate when the shoes should be changed?

Last time I changed the shoes was about 4 years ago on a 95 Citroen AX!

My understanding is

1) Remove the Drum
2) Release the pressure of the springs
3) Remove the shoe assembly
4) replace shoes
5) re-attach all springs
6) refit assembly and replace all nuts
7) re-attach drum and wheel

The only reason I ask if anyone has pictures is it makes it slightly easier to understand. Normally I would go and splash out on a Haynes, but low on funds at the moment! this car has been expensive this month!

As for the handbrake cable - again did that on the 95 AX but not on the focus, the only reason I ask, is every other car I owned, If I through the handbrake on the rear wheels locked up. If I throw the handbreak on at 20 mph now, the car just rolls and slows gradually! although it only travels to 5 clicks!
I have a few 'how to guides' I'll attach this one for changing the brake shoes to this post. I hope the mods approve of attaching 'how to guides' from other sites. I have other ones covering the same procedure on another HDD if you need more illustrations. They are fairly straight forward to follow. :)
Thanks H3lly, very helpful, will take a look at the shoes later and find out if they should be changed at all!
hi, from my experience the parking brake on the 1.6 with drums is abismal and has a job to hold a fully loded car on a steep gradient, so pulling it on whilst on the move is no fair test of it's serviceability, strip off the drums and give everything a good clean up should be all thats required at such a low milage.
Regards Brian

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