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Full Version: Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger
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Hi All
For the past few months now I have been toying with the Idea of buying the ford ranger thunder. But the last onset of snow has helped no end in the convincing my wife.
I know the fuel economy is not the best and there is no Cruise Control to make it any better.
Can anyone out there give me an idea of the kind of figures they have been getting?
I love the functionality of the pick-up but the wife is leaning toward one of these crossover machines. Will need to work on this one.
Hi there,

i have a 2007 thunder and im really pleased with it, yes it could do with 6th gear and cruise control but other than that i love it. Plenty of power and drives more like a car on the motorway. I tend to get around 30 mpg, i may look into chipping or ecu remap to improve this.
Thanks Spanuel for the feed back. My mind is made up! also with your up date have been looking at the Cruise control option for rangers and they are out there around 500 fitted. The ECU option is a quick and easy way to improve power but not to sure on the benefits of MPG. Thanks again for the update.
Ranger James
a bit late replying I know but I love my ranger. road tyres and all terrain tyres make a huge difference in fuel. I fitted a tuning chip once to get better mpg but the engine cut out when pulling away fast with a caravan on the back once so I took it out in case it cut out whilst overtaking a lorry up a hill on a motorway! It restarted ok but the engine management light came on.

If you buy a face lift 56 plate registered before jan 1st 2007 you get cheaper road tax. 125 a year! ;-)

Where did you find the cruise control option to add?
Not entirely related, but as a new member i didnt like the idea of cluttering up your boards with a new topic just yet.

I also am looking into getting a Ranger in the near future. Have been tossing up between the Ford, a Navara, or an L200 in terms of what suits my needs best.

HOWEVER.... something that seemed a given on such a utilitarian vehicle, so much so that i didnt even look into it, has recently been pointed out to me. I dont recall ever having seen an example of a Ranger with a rull length roof rack. On one of those 'Truckman' type covers sure, but never extending to over the cab. Does the cab have the relvant fittings for roof rack/bars? This would be a deal breaker for me unfortunatly. Anyone able to enlighten me?
it does(well sort of) i have got bars for mine but never fitted them. they sit under the doors, but over the rubber seals. and the clamping action holds them on the car.
Just what i wanted to hear. Thanks for confirming that Mark.
I looked at a number of trucks, did considerable online research and spoke to a number of mechanics and 4x4 people before I bought my 2002 Ranger and bearing in mind my current budget means I'm looking at older versions (2000-2006) so it may not be so relevant to you but the general consensus of opinion was:

Toyota Hilux Indestructible but marginal cooling system, rust quite badly, poor mpg, lower bhp and expensive because of Top Gear publicity.
Nissan Navara Very nice truck, ahead on tech spec and tons of power but recurring theme of no3 conrod through the block and huge bills.
Mitsubishi L200 Pretty, common, spares are cheap - Head / head gasket / block failure, crankshaft pulley falls off and a number of other worries. Less torque but more bhp than Ranger.

Ranger / Mazda B Nothing really inherently bad. 12 valve head design very good, low down torque excellent, good cooling system, sensible bhp so engine not being overstressed, possibly not as bling as some of the others but a good and honest hard working truck and very nice in XLT or Thunder version plus the super cab carries my kids but still has a big enough load bay to carry all my stuff whereas in my case a double cab would be too small.

I don't know if this representative of them as a whole but the information I learned about all of them was pretty much born out the real people I spoke to as I'm far too cynical to believe all I read.

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