I'm looking at upgrading the stereo in my car and I've still got the stereo I used in my last car before I spent the last 6 years using company cars.

The head unit I have is a Pioneer DEH-3500MP. Bit dated I know, but I hardly used it and it's a nice stereo with a nice sound.

I also have a nice pair of Infinity Kappa 6x9s (from when they were good) although I'm not sure if they'll be any use.

My questions are thus:

[b]What size are the factory fit speakers in my car? (front and back)[/b]

[b]What cable/adaptor will I need to connect the stereo to the car? (See photo attached for available ins/outs)[/b]

[b]Is there any way I can still use my remote control for the stereo?[/b]

[b]I'd like to attach an RCA to Minijack so I can play tunes off my iPhone, is this possible?[/b]

I think that's it, but I may ask more after a couple of answers.