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Full Version: Chipped Windscreen
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Dear all,

I've just bought myself a Focus and within a week have 3-4 small chips on the drivers side of the windscreen. Can these be easily repaired by say, someone like Autoglass, eventhough it's a a heated screen? Or is it a complete replacement job? They are only minor surface chips and don't appear to be having any detrimental affect on the heating filament, but they are in my line of sight which is irritating.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!

If its a heated screen it needs to be replaced, they cant be repaired apparently (my friend worked for autoglass)

Are they bad enough that they would fail an MOT
Check your insurance policy, it should include windscreen cover.
It doesnt cover heated windscreens, unless they are standard across the range, which they arent as its an optional extra... The first thing i noticed when i got my policy through after i bought my Focus
Thanks for the info guys!

My insurance documents should be waiting for me when I get back home.....I'll have a check and see what they you say there is windcreen cover but like r0b3r7 says, heated screens aren't covered by my understanding.

Don't think they're bad enough to fail an MOT, as I say they're not deep at all. One of them is in my line of sight but it's not that large....

I guess the the thing to do would be to just pop in to Autoglass (or some variant thereof) and see what they say (i.e. would it fail an MOT) Be gutted if it would as I've only had the car a week!
I would watch out also, as I believe the likes of autoglass will only complete (under insurance) 3 chips up to a 5p piece in size. I had a few on my previous windscreen, and unfortunately they wouldnt cover chips numbers 4 - 7!

The Car will only fail an MOT if they are about the size of a 5p and are in direct view of the drivers line of sight, as they count as an obstruction.

If the car has the wiring already installed, and if the car came with the heated windscreen then it should be replaced like for like... but you have to argue with the insurance company to get them to do it!
[font="Trebuchet MS"]There are many misconceptions about stonechips and whether or not they can be repaired.

It is very rare that damage on a heated screen cannot be repaired (this is [i]usually[/i] if a drill is used to open up the impact crater).

Remember, 'contracted' or nominated repairers (as recommended by your insurer) are bound by obligations and by this, they may be rigid in their approach to what can, or cannot be repaired.


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