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Full Version: How Do I Get To The Rear Speaker Of A 3-Door Focus 2001 Plate?
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Does anybody know how to get to the rear speaker of a 3-door Focus 2001 plate?

Im looking to replace the speaker and Im not sure if I can remove the small grill on the rear panel, or whether I have to remove the entire rear inside panel.

If I do have to remove the rear inside panel... how do I do that?

Any help, tips or links would be much appreciated.

ford focus edge
You need to remove the entire panel mate its a complete faf if you can avoid it dont do it. Did it in my 04 plate and wish i never had you need to take the seatbelt trim of and everything also there not the best quality so bend and bugger really easily. There mostly just clips glued onto the back of the panel that tear off and fall down the back of the car and rattle around for all of f*****g time and drive you mental this also damaged the panel.

Off the top of my head to remove them you first need to remove the part of trim that the seatbelt comes out of be warned about the clip which had like a blanked of screw into it which faces the door gap pull that out but be very careful there made from the cheapest plastic u can think of also the clip this presses into has a very bad habit of falling back down and getting lost for ever. Once that piece of trim is lifted off just let it drop the seatbelt will stop it going to far now the next trick is to get a pair of needle nose pliers and fold the seat back down you should see in the very bottom corner of the panel what looks like a screw with a washer pressed into the panel this is in fact just a plug that can be pulled out. After that i cant remember any more that need removing just be very careful removing due to how fragile the trim is and the clips that hold it on.

Refitting is just what you did but in reverse BUT what ive wrote there is just off the top of my head and my model is a facelift if yours is a pre-facelift it may differ slightly.

Thanks for the reply.

Sounds like I might have opened a can of worms here!

Thanks again
ford focus edge
Lol if you can mate just avoid it!

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