hi all

i recently bought a mondeo zetec as i was after a bit of luxury as a daily car as my other 1 is a series 1 rs turbo which is not for daily use. now the fault i have after buying this car is that i cant get the digital climate control to change vents so i checked the 3 motors and they are working on side of airbox it does change vents but reverts back to screen i have error codes as well on self diagnostic

Self-test code B1251 / 9251

Description Open circuit in interior

Action Go to Pinpoint Test M temperature sensor circuit


Self-test code B2308 / A308

Description Interior temperature sensor blower

Action Go to Pinpoint Test N circuit faulty

now im guessing this could be a dash out job anyway i havent got round to it yet but this evening i was walking past the car in dark and noticed that the climate control panel was ilumminated but flickering and random buttons lighting up generally a mind of its own. before i start digging i wanted to no whether anyone else has had this fault and weather its something simple or has some one been playing with the dam dash wiring i need to get on and fix this as im using my offroad landy atm 10mpg which isnt funny lol any help would be appreciated