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Full Version: Diesel Slow To Start
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Im new here, just searched the forum and could not find any answers

I just purchased a Focus 1.8TDi 2003, it has sat outside my house for 3 days, When I test drove it ( private sale) it started fine.

Now after sitting outside for 3 days it was reluctant to start, when I turn the key the engine turns over, and it sounds like its firing for a second or so but does not start.

It takes about 10 attempts before starting.....I let the glow plug light go out as per instructions, The battery seems ok, but it was disconnected for a month before I bought the car, during the recent cold weather.

Does it seem like a glow plug problem? if so can I clean them?

The engine starts ok when its warm..

Any ideas please?
Follow the advise in the "Dashboard trick" - pinned topic at the top of the focus forums (if you have a trip computer) have a look for any DTC codes, they might indicate low battery voltage or another error. its the best place to start. however, if you cant, then pull the glow plugs out, I think they can be cleaned with a good old metal brush as long as they arent damaged, that might get a bit more life out of them, otherwise I think a set can be purchased for 30-40 in some places!
started ok today? maybe because it was not used for a few weeks?
as an extra precaution, try get some redex or STP injector cleaner, simply add it to your next fill of diesel and it will disolve any gunk or particals that may lye in the bottom of your fuel tank or injectors, costs around 5 and well worth it. :)
Thanks I will get some tomorrow.

It sat for 3-4 weeks without the battery fitted, I gave her a 40 mile run today, hopefuly will charge the battery to full
Get the DTC's checked. CMP Sensors are a common fault on that age vehicle and engine and would cause poor starting and possibly performance, cutting out etc. They're only about 20 from Ford and usually fix a list of faults.
Whats DTC
[quote name='pigsinspace' timestamp='1294503271' post='109064']
Thanks I will get some tomorrow.

It sat for 3-4 weeks without the battery fitted, I gave her a 40 mile run today, hopefuly will charge the battery to full

40 mile run will trickle charge the battery, however i would fully charge the battery using a charger to ensure good start performance.
Focus is cool
I think he's trying to say to get the car checked for error codes.

As it happens I have just been having the same trouble with my TDCi , I took mine to Ford , it turned out to be the crank sensor.
Apparently crank/cam sensors are prone on these engines , it could be a problem on all engines which have these sensors.

Also I found the car was still reluctant to start in this cold weather even though I had put a new battery in it.

Not wanting to take it back to Ford (It is quite expensive BTW) I decided that the glow plugs would be the next port of call. So I changed them and it starts a lot better , although it takes two attempts on the key.

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