Hi guys,

I have a Ford Focus 1.6 CL '51 reg Estate the battery was flat for about 2 weeks.
I have a client coming to see the car this wednesday and possibly buy it. So I said better to plug in the charger and give a charge to the battery to start it up.
Charged it enough ... started the engine, I then noticed that the mileage display was showing all 88888888, then the engine temp gauge not coming up at all.
Everything else seems to be working OK in the car.
I disconnected the negative from the battery and reconnected, started the engine again ... and now the display has gonne blank and the engine temp gauge is still not coming up.
Has anyone come across similar problem with their Focus.

I plugged in my OBDII Reader and it gives out readings for Engine coolant temp etc ... so I assume the sensors are fine ..