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Full Version: Mot Failure On Emissions
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I have a 2002 Ford Fiesta Zetec and it has failed its MOT on the Offside Rear Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive. The garage I took it to said they could not diagnose the problem and advised I book it into a Ford garage for diagnosis. In the meantime I thought I would try my local Kwik fit to which they carried out the following tests and could not resolve the problem:
1. Changed air filter
2. Fuel Treatment added
3. Lamda ( sensor 2 ) ( Rear ) changed: Reversed readings from CO high to Lamda high / CO low
4.Repaired broken pipe ( vacuum) from fuel rail
5. Refit clips to air filter housing and induction piping
6. Run OBD diagnostic ( no errors stored)

They have written on their report:
Vacuum noise coming from right hand connection of fuel rail. Maybe allowing excess air into return system

Any suggestions to what could be the direct problem before I put it into a Ford garage ?
One tip, never take your car to Kwik-Fit.

Mot tester and mechanic
As Jmurray said, never use Kwik fit

Ok lets start from scratch, first of all we need the values from the emissions report then we can advise further
Is the OP still interested in getting to the bottom of his emissions problems ?

Has the car got a induction kit? I had one on my old Focus and it put the emissions through the roof! Also, is the catalyst still in working order? If that's damaged then you will have emission problems. Other problems could be the car running too rich as well.
Hi I have Ford Fiest 1.4 2002 52 plate recently took this car for MOT and fail Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive, results are as shown in following pic,

So far I have change Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air filter and Spark plugs, and took car for retest and its fail again is there any one can suggest how to sort it out plz comments


fishpond 47
Hi Zee, the three things the immisions check, the co, hc, and lamba, all relate to differant things, the easiest thing to understand is the lamba, this being the lanmba sensor thats in the exhaust system (yours is ok) the other two also relate to something, I know one relates to the cat converter, this is also part of the exhaust, bloody expensive, and usually the most common cause for the high readings, I will confirm tomorrow which is which as I've got an mot to do(at a good mot center ;) ) unless Mr [i]mot tester and mechanic [/i]comes on tonight and puts us right.
fishpond 47
I can confirm it will be the cat convertor
Try putting a bottle of cataclean in the tank before taking it in for an MOT. That will get the readings down and get you through the MOT.
When they are not looking and have your mate talking to the M.O.T guy, quickly take the tool out the exhaust and blow into the tool. Works a treat, well did on my 106 :D lol

I had the same kind of problem when i took mine in, I got some stuff to clean out the cat, it worked a treat.

It was this sort of stuff:

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