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Full Version: Changing Focus Side Repeaters
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[font="Book Antiqua"]Hi fellow Fordists

Please can some one tell me the secret to getting the flippin' wing repeaters off my mk1 focus zetec?
I have searched the forum but to no avail. the handbook simply says push up....ha what do they know?
It wont come off, and digging around with a screwdriver will naff up the paint...grrr simple jobs always take the longest
when its cold.
Is it just a case of a stuck seal or is there another way.
The way to remove them is to use a bank card etc. If using a screw driver wrap the head in some cloth as not to damage the paint.
Thanks , but,
What do you use the bank card for? Buying a car with easy to remove indicators? lol
Ok smart arse :D
ford focus edge
This [u]isnt advise[/u]d but to get mine off i tried all that and it just wouldn't come off was almost glued on or something so i got really really hacked of after about 30 mins each side trying to tease it off ... ended up with a nice dirty big flat blade and a hammer on the orange part of the plastic and a nice mighty wack and hey presto it cracked so i just pulled it all of swapped the bulb over and pushed the new one on haha simple but bloodey stupid do [u][b]NOT[/b][/u] do it lol im a professional ;)
As above I just slid a bank card under one of the edges and pried it away, To replace them you just push them in and click them downwards (might be upwards, I forget)
Ok smart arse http://focusfanatics...tos/fenderbulb/

Flinkin blip! That was easy thank you so much dude all sorted woo hoo!
I baught some smoked side indicators for my last focus and fitted them fine. But ive just baught the same one's from the same ebay seller and i cant get them on my newer MK1.5 Focus ?? Whats going on?? When ive put the bulb in and try and twist the new indicator on its not clicking in. Is there any other way to get them to stay on the bulb holder. ?? Its annoying because it took me about 2 minutes to change them on my old car and i just cant get these to click on the bulb holder this time.
Any help please! should i glue them on? :rolleyes:
i really would'nt glue them because you cant change a bulb! Send em back?

The bulb holder should be the same. clear look betterthan smoked any way!

Just got some for mine. Hope they're as easy as that! Like my mk2 Mondeo was.

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