Yes, thats right, another victim of a dreaded common problem! lol

So far only one injector seal is blowing, but no doubt the others will go sooner or later as they should all be the same age.

I know parts wise, the total cost is round 40-50? Thats based on the seals, copper washers etc.

Taking this to a garage, the price tag is more like 200-300, as its around a 4 hour job (so i`m told)

I`m not completely useless when it comes to tools and reading instructions, so has anyone here ever done this as a DIY job?

If so, care to share the how-to? :)

I`d even go as far as to ask if there is anyone in the Manchester region who fancies doing this as a foreigner, but that might be going too far lol.

Please help either way, as i`d like to get this sorted before the problem developes into full blown engine meltdown.

Cheers :)