Hi guys

I joined yesterday to ask some things, which I had replies to, so thanks - but I need to know where the drain holes come out from the sun roof drains - I have a leaky sun roof - the passenger footwell is rather wet. I've taken the sun roof off, I've used "muck off" to rub into the seal (as I hear washing up liquid will rejuvinate them - and I think "muck off" is the same), put a wire coat hanger down both until there's 2" remaining of the hanger, and it's pressing on something - I want to see if I can see the end of the hanger from the other side - but I don't know where to look...under the wheel plastics?

Also, when I took off the sun roof, turns out one of the metal sticky out things which hold one of the tongues of the sun roof at the front has broken (attached to the car). And the other sun roof tongues moves slightly (attached to the glass). Any suggests re fixing them would be greatly appreciated. Or should I just get a new sun roof?