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Full Version: Bit Of Advice Please
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hay good people :)

well i know i havn't been on for an long time but family comitment and normal life stuff ive just not had time :(

well to get to point the little nag of an problem.

3-4 weeks ago the car started geting an rough idle revs bouncing an bit ,lack of power needing to use right foot more to get anywhere so i booked car in for full service incluing fuel filter etc. then since the car now having trouble starting every now and then i have to try good 2-3 times sometimes after week of use i done the maths and car is running about 19-20mpg (2005 1.6 99bhp petrol) so it getting costly in fuel alone . took it back to garage no errors codes but they can hear the engine runing up and down and smell the rich mixure. but without the EML being on they don't know whats up only maybe it might be the lama's on the cat but at 110 each they said it an big risk replacing them and it turns out not to be them.

so any masterminds out there got ideas or sort as to things i can try etc as tests or stuff ???

by the way apart from this my car been lovly since dealers got that stick up their arse's (see my first post nightmare !!!! :) )

thanks all
sorry - double post ;)
As far as i know only the front lambda sensor is for the ecu, the other one is for diagnostic purposes - to make sure the cat is working (Although im not 100% sure of this)

Any good garage should be able to get the car on live diagnostics and check the readings from all the engines sensors etc. Im no mechanic - but i do alot of work on cars, and i have a good live data reader so i would imagine its a must for a garage.
hi all

i borrowed an code reader with live data recorder/reader i been sat and looking over the readings lambda's are runing fine switching when they should by looks of it.

in fact everything looks good apart from throttle % its starts at 15.5 (cold) down to 14.5 (warm) i take it choke but i can see specially with live data graph that the throttle % is moving alot up and down by much as 1% at idle also linked to this the inlet manifold pressure flux's .

so what would you all think ? i starting to think an air leak or icv or tps ????

thanks all

the TPS - throttle position sensor is known to cause issues on the mk1, i had some myself a while back but i opened out the holes and used the live data reader to set it at 20% when the car is idling.
thanks for reply i bit the bullet and did the trip i needed 365 miles 90% motorway trip computer said 42.4MPG when i got back how does this sound ? normal ?

the car acted normal all the time good power best idle ever been sat at juction after 3 hrs on motorway hehe

return trip used less fuel "boot unloaded" just over 1/4 tank .

but car did still have trouble starting when i set off for return home could this be an fuel filter problem ?

sorry for all the question :)

thanks all


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