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Full Version: Headlight Bulb
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A headlight bulb has gone on my Focus 1.8 TDCi - I bought a pack of 2 online for about 20 last July but have used them both now.

I can't remember where I got them from ..

Can anyone recommend a good site to get them from. I don't really want to go the Halfords route..

are you saying they need replacing, or do you just want another pack as a back up. Because if its the former, they did not last long.
If the latter, would it not be better to buy a bulb kit? Because I cannot remember when I last had to replace headlight bulbs. Better to spend 9.99 on a Ford Motorcraft bulb/fuse kit. I got mine from my local Ford Main Dealer, 7 assorted bulbs and one each of 10/15/20amp fuses all in a handy plastic container. But there are cheaper about.

Or how about some of enough.....[url=""]MTEC 12v 55w Cosmos White Xenon bulb[/url]
catch, one of them needs replacing. I bought a pack of two last July (from now I remember) and they've both gone already.
I do about 1.5 hrs of motorway travelling a day but do a lot of travelling on the weekends too.

I work 9-5.30 and there's no ford dealer near so might try again - hopefully they shouldn't take too long - will have to use fogs till then...
[quote name='focusdriver' timestamp='1295092191' post='109976']
catch, one of them needs replacing. I bought a pack of two last July (from now I remember) and they've both gone already.


Well I would not be buying the same bulbs again if it were me,I'd be looking elsewhere. And if you went through another set in 12 months, there most be something wrong with the set up on your car. Like I said, cars don't as a rule eat a set of bulbs in a year.
I recently got some bosch 50% brighter bulbs with side bulb from ebay. They are so much bright than the generic ones that where in there. The wattage is legal (55w)and they have there saftey rating and comply with eu standards etc. [url=""]Link[/url]
I find my nearside bulb goes most often, but then again, its the side that hits the most pot holes and drain covers. I havent had to replace the driver side bulb at all yet, so it could just simply be something as simple as that.

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