alreet kids im new on here and i drive a ford mondeo 1.8 turbo deisel estate car (STOP LAUGHING TIMES ARE HARD)
my car is actually my twin as we both are old , been round the track a few times (probably done more miles than shoemackers jockstrap) but we are still pulling well and we both do like getting a regular service (especially last year when i had a terrible fright and thought my big end was knocking)
it looks like i might need some advice keeping this old girl on the road as shes done 144000 miles but still starts and drives excellent. i have just posted a few things about getting my radio code as i fitted a new battery just before xmas and i have no sounds now :( so thats it ive said my bit im gonna go and give her a good rub down !!!!! im sure she will like it :) cheers for reading this,have fun and remember "a dog is for life and not just friday night"