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hi has any one done a engine convertion on a escort 55 TD van im hopeing to have a 2L engine ,can any one trll me what i need to git like engine,gear box,ecu,and tank,
What 2l engine do you want to fit?

Few details of what one you want and i may be able to help
rs 200 more than likey is that a good one to go for
Take it you mean RS2000 then. If your van is a mk6 and you get the mk6 RS2000 lump it shouldn't be too bad but i hear you'll need all the suspension set up too.
Would be a very quick van if ya can do it but remember these engines in good nick are getting quite rare now.
Good luck mate.
Hi mate, im currently going through the plans for converting my MK6 55D escort van to a RS2000 engine rocket lol.. if you could give me some more informatuon about doing it that would be great thanks matey.

P.S im a mechanic so technical talk is ok lol :rolleyes:
FWD RS2000 or 4x4?

If 4x4 it would be easier to go sierra running gear as the wheelbase dimensions are the same as the van.

FWD. You would need the front suspension, engine, wiring loom, etc etc.

But remember, you will also have to change the fuel tank and fuel lines etc etc.
thanks 4 reply.

im goin with FWD and i knw abt the work involved i dnt mind at all.. the suspesion components would it be straight swop from car to van i.e no makin new holes or re adjustin of bits just a straight swop from car to van??

is there any chance that you have a list of all the parts needed so that i can work with n use as a templte of my buying at moment.


If you can get a full car as a donor car, it will be a LOT easier.

Just a quick list off the top of my head.

Wiring loom
Ignition and key (may be easier)
Front suspension uprights
All lower suspension
Engine/Gearbox mounts
More Beer
Ancilleries (ie Starter motor/Alternator)
Exhaust down pipe

And probably some more.

Not the easiest job in the world as fuel tank and fuel lines can become an issue.

The only adjustment you may have to make, is the holes for the top of the suspension to mount into the body. Some are different. But its not a major problem
thanks for the reply...
As for the fuel tank and lines what sort of job is it to change them?
What sort of issues we talkin about?
Well the petrol lump, needs a pump from the tank to the engine, where as the diesel only uses a pump engine side.
The tank and lines will have to be fully cleaned out and replaced, or, do as most do, and fit a new tank and pipes from the older mk5 1.4 petrol vans. Although these are very hard to come by.

The other option, would be to fit a custom made tank, wether you fit it underneath like the original, or in the back with a firewall.
My old zetec converted van, has a custom made tank fitted underneath.

Hope this helps

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