New here so first off hello everyone. I have a 2010 Mondeo (Mk3/4?) with the 6000CD head unit. I have tried connecting my mp3 player(Cowon J3)to it via bluetooth with no success. The player detects the 'Ford Audio' & the head unit gives me a code to enter, which I do. After about 30 seconds 'Pairing failed' appears on the head unit display then 'Cowon J3' so it knows what the device is, but just won't pair.
I bought the Cowon after much internet searching, in the hope that it would pair, as my Mondeo doesn't have the same AUX input socket that my previous C-Max Titanium had (a very poor show in my opinion).
Does anyone know any thing that will help? All the official Ford stuff is for the ipod (as just about everything seems to be now, but it's made by Apple so an ipod is right out)
Can you change/update the bluetooth profile on the car, or is there a firmware update that will help?

Any suggestions gratefully received