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Full Version: How Accurate Are The Mpg Counters?
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I did a trip up the motorway last night was just over 75 miles, I did a steady 50 mph with no sudden acceleration and braking, I had reset the mpg counter before I set off, when I returned the mpg counter is 73.1 mpg, now I know I was driving economically but I think this may be over the top. So how accurate is the counter? Im guessing I did more like 55mpg, but this will only be verified once I fill up again.

Comments more than welcome................
Must be just me then :unsure:
alfie t
the mpg has never jumped like that on my ka even if i've done a long run it only goes up a bit would be interested to know if this was accurate
Just refuelled and according to my workings out overall it averaged 54 mpg, now this is around town as well, but mainly motorway use. This is the best average I have had so far, althought the car has been recently serviced and is always treated to shell diesel. Will have to do some more brim to brim tests but I think on a long run you may get a 'proper' 60mpg, although this would be doing around 50 mph in the right driving conditions
alfie t
my dads got a c max 2.0tdci powershift 2009 and although he does a lot of town driving at best he.s had 40mpg so far but its only done 8000 miles from new so maybe this might improve but he is happy with car anyway
Not sure how accurate the counter is but sometimes I treat it like a game to keep the figure high on a journey, I also like the green "change up" indicator on our new Fiesta 1.6 diesel - I'm in top at exactly 40mph

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